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I’m Teena…and thank you for stopping by!

Sometimes planning a vacation, or a special occasion, can be rather stressful. Time is something you cannot get back; and who really wants to spend it researching for hours and hours on end?


This is where I come in! My job is to take that stress off of you, free up more of your precious time,and create an amazing experience tailored to your style, personality, and needs. Let me take care of every detail, so all you have to do is just show up. Anyone close to me knows that I absolutely love travel, food, and romance. To be able to combine all three and share that passion with others is a dream come true. And thus Date ‘N Plate was born!


Surprisingly, I was a late bloomer when it came to traveling the world, but once I started, I was hooked and my wanderlust was born. I am an explorer at heart and I love learning about different cultures. One very important part of culture for me is the food. With being a native Philadelphian and also Puerto Rican, delicious local food is a must wherever I go. 


Also, I just LOVE romance. I believe most destinations can be romantic with the one you love, but with my added touch, it can be an unforgettable moment. I am a firm believer that travel enhances relationships and lets you see your significant other in new and fun ways. 

Lastly, I believe that everyone should travel solo once in life. Solo travel is truly life changing.  For women who are concerned about their safety, we offer group travel experiences.  This provides a solo yet togetherness aspect to your experience. 


I have been planning vacations for over 11 years. Yet my love for travel and helping create amazing experiences for others has only grown stronger. From luxury romantic couples’ retreats and getaways, destination weddings and honeymoons, vacations solely based on culinary delights, and group experiences for women, I’ve got you covered.


So, let’s make that wanderlust come alive, tantalize those taste buds, or add extra fun and romance in your relationship. I’m so excited, can’t you tell?!?

As I like to say, wherever you go, you’re only a date away. Let’s plan that date!



“Thank you so much for all of the work you did to make our honeymoon to Italy so special! We had such an amazing time.We also want to thank you for being so thoughtful with your gift of
the mugs.We love them!.”

— Jen & Andy Spata

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