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Who here loves food and wine (As I raise both hands and say I do, I do!)? Here’s a fun fact about me: I adore spicy food, especially Thai food! But really, I’m an all-out flavor gal.  So, the idea of basing travel around local cuisine and wine is an amazing way to travel for me.

So, it is with excitement that I offer culinary vacations.  Whether you're single or married, a culinary tour is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life.


Travel through Tuscany sampling its cuisine, paired with wine tastings and an exclusive cooking class. Stay in a country house or villa in the Tuscan Hills of Italy.  Sip on some delicious Limoncello, while taking in the romantic surroundings in the Amalfi Coast.

Learn the art of couscous making in Morocco under the guidance of a local expert. Learn secrets behind cooking a perfect Moroccan tagine, and enjoy a wine tasting session.  Taste local produce and join a truffle hunt in Bordeaux.

The list in endless! In this case, wherever you go, you’re only a PLATE away!




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