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I just love a romantic getaway…don’t you?  There is nothing like exploring a different part of the world with your spouse, hand in hand.  


Even more special, when it’s your honeymoon! You should be focused on your wedding and not worrying about planning your honeymoon.  If you are a couple that just loves to relax, there are plenty of beautiful beach destinations, like Bora Bora, Phuket, or Santorini.  


If you are more of an explorer like I am, there are amazing destinations to experience local culture, food, and history like Barcelona, Marrakesh, Puglia and more.  Or why not merge the two and experience one or more destinations that encompass both relaxation and exploration?

Whatever your travel desire and occasion, I can put together a custom itinerary you’ll love.  I will plan your airfare, stay, activities and excursions, and make your dinner reservations.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourselves!

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