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Tell me your bucket list dreams, must have amenities, food you’re open to try, and what you’re hoping for.  I’ll take care of the rest! I’ll plan your stay in luxurious accommodations, all of your transportation, unforgettable activities (including those off the unbeaten path), and make reservations at must try restaurants from local authentic restaurants to Michelin star musts.  


If you are someone who appreciates special touches and having something created especially for you, you’ve come to the right place!  Whatever your reasons, you appreciate someone who gets to know you a little deeper and can therefore create a memorable travel experience that you know was created just for you.  


My goal is to tailor your travel experience with who you are, while yet ensuring you experience the destination in an authentic way. If you are traveling with your spouse, an additional focus for me is to enhance the romance and fun.  Provide me with the details needed and I will handle the rest.

The cost of the customized services starting from $250 per trip.  

Travel Planning Process

Complete Travel Request Form

We begin with getting to know you and your guests.  Please fill out the “Travel Request” form so we can get better acquainted.

You will receive a preliminary consultation to discuss your dreams for your upcoming travels.  I will then engage in research to customize your vacation based on your personality, travel style, and travel desires.  It will be a vacation itinerary tailor-made to you! All travel components will then be booked.

Receive Travel Package

Once booked, you will receive a travel package with your finalized version of your travel itinerary. 

Services Received Recap:

  • A consultation to discuss your travel wants and dreams

  • Personalized research to create your customized travel itinerary

  • Every component of your itinerary will be reserved and confirmed

  • A finalized, tailor-made itinerary for your trip

  • A travel package with a hard copy of your itinerary

  • A point of contact while traveling

…and the list goes on!

Safe Travels

Now it's time to enjoy your trip! During travel, you will have a personal contact in case you need anything or have any questions.   

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